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Spring OAuth 2 Token Based Authentication

Token based authentication is a method that is used to provide authorized access to resources for a pre-authenticated client. It basically needs the client to provide username and password as identity and receive a token. This token will then be used to access the protected resources for that client and grants access temporarily with an expiration period. The steps of token based authentication are illustrated as follows. Provide username and password for the authorization point. [...]


Work Clock Plus

As many companies are searching for a solution to monitor and evaluate employee’s work, we at Mazarin took on the task of developing a custom web based solution to cater to our needs. WorkClockPlus (WCP) is an extension of the previously in-house developed Work Clock application used for time recording. A few basic HRIS features that go hand-in-hand with time recording have been plugged in to WorkClockPlus, adding to the business value of this tailor [...]