Mobile Payment Using NFC

NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology used to express short messages with the help of changing a magnetic field. As its name suggests, it works within very close proximity like few centimeters. NFC tags or cards have NFC magnetic fields embedded inside them. These tags are reprogrammable and can be manipulated to store some information at one time. NFC comes with mobile devices which have the ability to read NFC tags/cards or simulate [...]


Mazarin Cooking Fest


Annual Mazarin Cooking fest was an exhilarating and invigorating event organized by the clubM VPs held on Thursday the 14th of June 2011 at Mazarin premises. Initially two teams were formed by drawing lots. Thereafter they were notified on the menu requirements, allocated budget and rating criterion ahead of time. The menu was to include an appetizer, a side dish, desert, drink along with the main meal. The teams had to come-up with their own [...]


Use of Data Visualization API in Web Applications

When presenting data as information, there is no better way than using charts and graphs which adds a graphical element to the eyes of the viewers. A Management information system (MIS) needs to provide timely information in a flexible and appealing manner so that users, usually the decision makers of a company, can easily understand the big picture of the organization, comprehensively as well as effortlessly. There are several APIs which can be used in [...]