Work Clock Plus

As many companies are searching for a solution to monitor and evaluate employee’s work, we at Mazarin took on the task of developing a custom web based solution to cater to our needs. WorkClockPlus (WCP) is an extension of the previously in-house developed Work Clock application used for time recording. A few basic HRIS features that go hand-in-hand with time recording have been plugged in to WorkClockPlus, adding to the business value of this tailor [...]


Mazarin Kite Masters embellished Colombo Galle Face Sky

      Mazarin Kite Festival was an enthusiastic and memorable event organized by the ClubM Vice Presidents (VPs) for the months of Jan/Feb, held on 27th February 2014 at Galle Face grounds – Colombo. The VPs were innovative to discover a fascinating idea of ‘Kite Festival’ that created a whole new level of experience to all of us Mazarins. It was not an easy task for organizers as well as the kite makers. Mazarins were [...]


Let it Snow ’13

Christmas at Mazarin was celebrated in style with the hosting of November/December ClubM event themed ‘Let it Snow’. The party was set to feature DJ music and all Mazarins were lounged in Red & Black to celebrate the night. The festive night started off with a warm welcome by the organizers. Christmas Carols competition stood out from the rest of the festive games that took place during the course of the night. Following an entertaining [...]


Outbound Training 2013

Bright and early on the 15th of June 2013, the inhabitants of #44, Guildford Crescent, arrived with excitement painted on their faces, looking forward to an interesting weekend. Yes! It was time for the much anticipated Outbound-Training weekend. Once everyone had arrived, the facilitators took over. They started off with a quick ice breaker to make everyone a bit more comfortable and laid down a set of quick rules/guidelines for the rest of the training [...]


Mobile Payment Using NFC

NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology used to express short messages with the help of changing a magnetic field. As its name suggests, it works within very close proximity like few centimeters. NFC tags or cards have NFC magnetic fields embedded inside them. These tags are reprogrammable and can be manipulated to store some information at one time. NFC comes with mobile devices which have the ability to read NFC tags/cards or simulate [...]