Moving towards Microservices – Challenges and Common Pitfalls

The concept of “Microservices” has been a regular customer in the busy streets of Silicon Valley during the past few years. In an industry where dozens of languages, frameworks, and tools come up every day, it seems Microservices are here to stay. So what are these microservices? This article tries to find an answer for this exact question in layman’s terms. For most of us who love coding, the traditional approach for building software has [...]


Responsive Web Designing

With the continuous growth of smartphones and tablet usage and the improvements of networks like 3G and 4G, browsing the Internet is now available for almost all the people around the world. As more people are beginning to use mobile devices and latest technologies for every task that used to be only capable on desktop machines, it is clear that mobile is taking over the Internet surfing. And it is not just surfing; it is [...]


Mazarin Aurudu Ulela 2015

Aurudu Ulela 2015

Going back to work after a long Avurudu Holiday is saddening… but there is nothing better to pick yourself up and kick start the new year, than enjoying a lavish spread of sweet meats from the Avurudu Table. 20th April 2015, was the first day of work for the new year for Mazarins. As per tradition, the gentlemen were handsomely dressed in Sarongs and the ladies, draped in Sarees looked exquisite. The Mazarin premises was [...]


Spring OAuth 2 Token Based Authentication

Token based authentication is a method that is used to provide authorized access to resources for a pre-authenticated client. It basically needs the client to provide username and password as identity and receive a token. This token will then be used to access the protected resources for that client and grants access temporarily with an expiration period. The steps of token based authentication are illustrated as follows. Provide username and password for the authorization point. [...]


Mazarin Christmas Celebrations 2014


Every year for Christmas, Mazarin organizes a Christmas party. But, we spent this Christmas in a truly unique and meaningful way. We shared the joy of Christmas with the little kids of Vajira Child Development Center. It lasted us unforgettable memories and it was a blessing to witness those innocent faces brighten with smiles and laughter.