Hybrid Mobile App Development with Ionic and Angular JS

If you know how to build Websites, then you already know how to build Mobile Apps!   What is Ionic     Ionic is a completely open source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. It was created by Max Lynch (Co-Founder and CEO), Ben Sperry (Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer), and Adam Bradley (Co-Creator and framework lead) of Ionic, formerly known as Drifty Co. It is built on top of Angular JS and Apache Cordova. Ionic provides tools [...]


Test Automation of Mobile Applications using Appium

Mobile usage has surpassed the traditional desktop and laptop usage and quite naturally mobile applications have exploded in terms of numbers. Hence, following this trend, it has become ever more important to automate mobile application testing. Today, different test automation tools like MonkeyRunner, Robotium, KIF, Calabash, MonkeyTalk, Appium and Frank are available in the market for this purpose. Most of the above mentioned tools require an extra agent to be compiled with the application code, [...]


Power BI

Nowadays data that’s being collected is growing exponentially. Therefore businesses need reporting tools that can help them analyze this data. Today only about 10% of an organization’s business users can do business analytics due to many issues such as, Where does the data live? How do I access it? How to get data into the right format so that I can analyze it? The above questions can be resolved and provide a better solution with [...]


Data Mining using SQL Server Analysis Server

In today’s world, software applications are moving from traditional information systems to Business Intelligent systems. The growing of data and information have within data need to raise to develop new kind of applications for the organizations. To address this, data mining solutions have become an integral part of many software solutions. Data mining is the process of discovering actionable information from large sets of data.  It helps organizations analyze incredible amounts of data in order [...]


Test Automation of Web Applications using Cucumber with Ruby Core Framework

Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) is associated with the test-driven development. It is a way to communicate example based software among the developers, Testers, Business Analysts Product owners and other team members.   What is Cucumber? Cucumber is a BDD automation test environment which describes acceptance criteria. BDD develops scenarios under the feature file with or without examples using ‘Gherkin’. Gherkin provides the ‘Domain Specific Language’ and a simple way to understand between technical and non-technical [...]