Power BI

Nowadays data that’s being collected is growing exponentially. Therefore businesses need reporting tools that can help them analyze this data. Today only about 10% of an organization’s business users can do business analytics due to many issues such as, Where does the data live? How do I access it? How to get data into the right format so that I can analyze it? The above questions can be resolved and provide a better solution with [...]


Test Automation of Web Applications using Cucumber with Ruby Core Framework

Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) is associated with the test-driven development. It is a way to communicate example based software among the developers, Testers, Business Analysts Product owners and other team members.   What is Cucumber? Cucumber is a BDD automation test environment which describes acceptance criteria. BDD develops scenarios under the feature file with or without examples using ‘Gherkin’. Gherkin provides the ‘Domain Specific Language’ and a simple way to understand between technical and non-technical [...]


Designing Scalable Web Apps

The rapid growth of the world of information has made applications which handles that information to be large, complex, slow and resource hungry. Therefore, the main focus of today’s age of application developers is to find a way to tackle many or all of these issues. One of the popular approaches currently used is making applications scalable.     Scalability is in essence, the capability of a system, network or process to handle a growing [...]


Importance of Big Data and Managing Data with Elasticsearch

What Is Big Data? Data management for organizations of all sizes has shifted from an important competency to a critical differentiator that can determine market winners and “has beens”. Fortune 1000 companies and government bodies are starting to benefit from the innovations of the web pioneers. These organizations are defining new initiatives and re-evaluating their existing strategies to examine how the transformation of their business process can be done using this innovative concept of Big [...]


An Introduction to Node.js

Node.js is a buzzword in the software development industry and it has become a trend to develop enterprise level applications using Node. Some of the big companies are already converting their applications to Node.js now. Therefore it seems high time to start looking in to Node.js.   What is Node.js Node.js is an open source JavaScript runtime environment for developing server-side networking applications using JavaScript. It was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009. It uses [...]